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Argentine Diego MARADONA


Performances en compétitions FIFA
Coupe du Monde U-20 de la FIFA1979660060000
Qualifications pour la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA852133100
Coupe du Monde de la FIFA1982, 1986, 1990, 199421124580401
Coupe du Monde U-20 de la FIFA
1979Tokyo 07/09/1979Argentine ARG3:1 (0:0)URS Union soviétiqueFinale
1979Tokyo 04/09/1979Argentine ARG2:0 (0:0)URU UruguayDemi-finales
1979Tokyo 02/09/1979Argentine ARG5:0 (3:0)ALG AlgérieQuarts de finale
1979Omiya 30/08/1979Pologne POL1:4 (1:3)ARG ArgentinePhase de groupe
1979Omiya 28/08/1979Yougoslavie YUG0:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentinePhase de groupe
1979Omiya 26/08/1979Argentine ARG5:0 (5:0)IDN IndonésiePhase de groupe
Qualifications pour la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA
1994Buenos Aires 17/11/1993Argentine ARG1:0 (0:0)AUS AustralieBarrage OFC/CONCACAF - CONMEBOL
1994Sydney 31/10/1993Australie AUS1:1 (1:1)ARG ArgentineBarrage OFC/CONCACAF - CONMEBOL
1986Buenos Aires 30/06/1985Argentine ARG2:2 (1:2)PER PérouPhase de groupe
1986Lima 23/06/1985Pérou PER1:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinePhase de groupe
1986Buenos Aires 16/06/1985Argentine ARG1:0 (1:0)COL ColombiePhase de groupe
1986Buenos Aires 09/06/1985Argentine ARG3:0 (1:0)VEN VenezuelaPhase de groupe
1986Bogota 02/06/1985Colombie COL1:3 (0:1)ARG ArgentinePhase de groupe
1986San Cristobal 26/05/1985Venezuela VEN2:3 (1:2)ARG ArgentinePhase de groupe
Coupe du Monde de la FIFA™
1994Los Angeles 03/07/1994Roumanie ROU3:2 (2:1)ARG ArgentineHuitièmes de finale
1994Dallas 30/06/1994Argentine ARG0:2 (0:0)BUL BulgarieMatches de groupes
1994Boston 25/06/1994Argentine ARG2:1 (2:1)NGA NigeriaMatches de groupes
1994Boston 21/06/1994Argentine ARG4:0 (2:0)GRE GrèceMatches de groupes
1990Rome 08/07/1990République Fédérale d'Allemagne FRG1:0 (0:0)ARG ArgentineFinale
1990Naples 03/07/1990Italie ITA1:1 a.p. (1:1, 1:0) 3:4 t.a.b.ARG ArgentineDemi-finales
1990Florence 30/06/1990Yougoslavie YUG0:0 a.p. 2:3 t.a.b.ARG ArgentineQuarts de finale
1990Turin 24/06/1990Brésil BRA0:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentineHuitièmes de finale
1990Naples 18/06/1990Argentine ARG1:1 (0:0)ROU RoumanieMatches de groupes
1990Naples 13/06/1990Argentine ARG2:0 (1:0)URS Union soviétiqueMatches de groupes
1990Milan 08/06/1990Argentine ARG0:1 (0:0)CMR CamerounMatches de groupes
1986Mexico City 29/06/1986Argentine ARG3:2 (1:0)FRG République Fédérale d'AllemagneFinale
1986Mexico City 25/06/1986Argentine ARG2:0 (0:0)BEL BelgiqueDemi-finales
1986Mexico City 22/06/1986Argentine ARG2:1 (0:0)ENG AngleterreQuarts de finale
1986Puebla 16/06/1986Argentine ARG1:0 (1:0)URU UruguayHuitièmes de finale
1986Mexico City 10/06/1986Argentine ARG2:0 (1:0)BUL BulgarieMatches de groupes
1986Puebla 05/06/1986Italie ITA1:1 (1:1)ARG ArgentineMatches de groupes
1986Mexico City 02/06/1986Argentine ARG3:1 (2:0)KOR République de CoréeMatches de groupes
1982Barcelona 02/07/1982Argentine ARG1:3 (0:1)BRA BrésilDeuxième tour
1982Barcelona 29/06/1982Italie ITA2:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentineDeuxième tour
1982Alicante 23/06/1982Argentine ARG2:0 (1:0)SLV SalvadorMatches de groupes
1982Alicante 18/06/1982Argentine ARG4:1 (2:0)HUN HongrieMatches de groupes
1982Barcelona 13/06/1982Argentine ARG0:1 (0:0)BEL BelgiqueMatches de groupes

Dernières infos


  • Diego Maradona, Argentina
  • Diego Maradona, Argentina
  • Diego Maradona, Argentina
  • Argenitinian forward Diego Maradona is carried on the shoulders of fans as he does a victory lap holding the FIFA World Cup, 29 june 1986
  • Diego Maradona runs past Terry Butcher and Terry Fenwick on his way to score his second goal during the World Cup quarterfinal against England 22 June 1986
  • Argentina's national team coach Diego Maradona celebrates after his team defeated Peru
  • In this handout image provided by the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa, Argentina head coach Diego Maradona attends a football clinic at the High Performance Centre on January 18. 2010
  • Argentinian soccer head coach Diego Maradona (L) flanked by 2010 Organising Committee CEO Danny Jordan
  • Diego Maradona sings the national anthem before the start of a friendly football match with Canada
  • Diego Maradona (C) gives instructions to the players before a friendly match against Canada
  • Argentine forward Diego Armando Maradona (C) and Diego Simeone (R) play the ball during the inter religious "match for peace" football game in Rome's Olympic Stadium on September 1, 2014
  • Argentinian former football player Diego Armando Maradona (R) presenting a personalised Argentina jersey to Pope Francis
  • Argentine forward Diego Armando Maradona (L) and Columbian forward Carlos Valderrama play the ball during the inter religious "match for peace" football game in Rome's Olympic Stadium on September 1, 2014
  • Argentine forward Diego Armando Maradona plays the ball during the inter religious "match for peace" football game, in Rome's Olympic Stadium on September 1, 2014
  • Argentina's Diego Maradona scores 1st goal with his Hand of God, past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton
  • Diego Armando Maradona during the TIM Cup match between SSC Napoli and AS Roma